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Kathi Mocol for Shakopee City Council

Shakopee is a growing and thriving city that has passionate citizens who care about the welfare of their community. Having called Shakopee home for the last 14 years, I can say that I have the determination to grow Shakopee responsibly and with respect to the core traditions of the community. 

I am a loving mother of three children ages 18, 14 & 6; a successful Shakopee business woman whose business, I Zen Spa, was named 2012 Small Business of the Year and Nominated for the Minnesota Business Ethics Award for 2013; and Treasurer of the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau. I have served on the Business Relations Committee of the Saints Foundation which is a partnership of St. Francis Medical Center and St. Gertrude’s. I can say with absolute certainty that I understand the value of money and how a balanced budget and responsible growth are important not only in our lives but in our government as well. 

In being a member of this community and the service my husband’s family has given to their community, I have learned what an important role we all must play in guiding the city into where we want it to go. 

  •          I currently serve as the Treasurer of the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau. I joined the Chamber in 2008 after we opened our business. I enjoy networking with other local business owners. I served on the Ladies’ Night Out Committee and was soon inspired to take on a leadership position in order to be more active in Shakopee’s impending growth. I was elected to the Chamber’s Board of Directors in January of 2010 and I subsequently joined the Finance Committee. Through this committee work, I was recognized and able to fill a vacancy in the position of Treasurer. As Treasurer, I am an active participant in both the Executive and Finance Committees. I am also a member of ShakopeeConnect, which was formerly titled the Young Professionals Group. This arm of the Chamber carries importance in establishing future leadership and the continued success of our Chamber going forward. In 2012, I Zen Spa was recognized for their work with the Chamber as the 2012 Small Business of the year.
  •          I was an integral contributor to the city’s creation of a Massage Ordinance to protect the citizens of Shakopee as well as legitimate massage business owners. I not only partnered with city officials to draft the ordinance, I also used my business contacts to connect with the state’s consultant on Massage Therapy laws and regulations. My relationship with the Government Relations Chair of the MN Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association helped to align our city ordinance with the work that has already been done on the state level and streamlined our process. 
  • Volunteer activities outside the Chamber of Commerce include:

o    Membership at St. Joachim & Anne; serving as a lector, sub lector and volunteer with Julifest.  

o   Mentored couples with Engaged Encounter through Sioux Falls Diocese

o   Active as a parent-volunteer in the SACS Marathon and Book Fair

o   Member of the National Catholic Society of Foresters court #543 Shakopee

o   Volunteer at Derby Days; 5k, Bingo, etc 

Five years ago Jon & I opened our business, I Zen Spa, in Shakopee. Although we could have opened our business anywhere, we felt that having our business in Shakopee mirrored our core values. In owning a business, I have learned how important city government can be in protecting my business interests as well as my personal interests as a citizen. 

  •          On the Audit Committee and then as the Treasurer of the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau, I have been through two successful audits as well as facilitated correct revenue recognition for the Chamber when they added the Bundle Up program. As a Chamber, we have also facilitated changes to the City of Shakopee's sign ordinance which is still in the finishing stages.  Since then, I have taken an interest in learning more about the economic development of Shakopee and how this impacts our growth and vitality as a city. This led to my decision to run for City Council. 
  • I Zen Spa was recognized with the 2012 Small Business of the Year by the Shakopee Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau
  • I Zen Spa was nominated for the 2013 Minnesota Business Ethics Award in the Small Business category.

My goals as a Shakopee City Council member would be to re-energize our downtown. I plan to work with the existing businesses and potential new businesses to create a destination for both locals and tourists. I will recognize and work with the diverse citizens of Shakopee. I believe we should be recognizing not only the cultural diversity but the economic diversity in our city. I've enjoyed watching our city, as well as my business, grow within the last four years. I am excited to promote the growth of this beautiful city to its fullest potential while making sure we grow responsibly. We are proud of our community and I wish to continue that proud tradition. I believe I bring a unique perspective and a level of diversity to the council that accurately represents the diversity of our city.

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